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Top 3 iPhone Games

Dancing Girl Dress up Game:

Dancing Girl Dress up game has an exclusive collection of features with a large number of Clothing and accessories and with this game you can now dress up your own princess or you can yourself with a lot of wonderful accessories. This game added lost of frames and background to give an attractive affects your picture or your dress up babies. You can share this grouse dancing girl dress up your friends and all social media integrated, send them by email and much more.

Pen Fight 3D Game:

It’s unlike street fights; a pen-fight is basically fought between pens. To begin with, the pens are set out on a table or a bench. The purpose of the game is to affect the opposition's pens out of this field. In the same way in the Pen Fight 3D mobile game, your purpose is to affect the others pens off the table. Listed here there are ten levels. In every level has a more powerful pen than the previous level. You will get some gold coins after successful each level. You can buy stronger pencils using these silver coins for your next game.

Mobile Housie Game:

Mobile Housie is world favorite’s tricks and community game on mobile phone platform. One factor is for sure it makes a lot of excitement and hype, this Being one of the most popular and happening luck-based games. Play House on a whole new dimension, as house just got improved to mobile house. Win prizes upon completion a specific pattern that includes jackpot prize quick five, top line, main point here, first and second full house.

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Do you keep in mind playing game when you were a kid? Halloween Pumpkins was developed with the same easy concept in mind. When the game starts you will be handled to a brief time of the game uncovered to see how many you can keep in mind. Sounds like an unfair advantage? It’s not as simple as it sounds. This game with 10+ levels, Last 3 stages are too difficult to solve.try out this game I am sure you will be addicted to finish all levels.

Halloween Pumpkin carver is a related and memory game for kids. Kids will enjoy playing with the funny and wonderful halloween pumpkin iPhone game. Download this game now. I am sure you will enjoy this iPhone game. You can also share this game with your Facebook, twitter and email. You can buy this game source code now it's available in

How to play Adventure Halloween Pumpkin iPhone Game:

  • You have to pass your all pumpkins through burning gates.
  • Pumpkins will move forward & backward with tapping on buttons.
  • Gravity button will make pumpkins up and make it jump.
  • you have to save your pumpkins from obstacles which are coming.
  • We have included more than 10+ levels.
  • all levels are very difficult to finish.

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Do you love play racing game? You have found best some game for passing good time. MobileAppsGallery have already created some best games such as bike racing, football, runner game and many more. We have also made amazing bike racing iPhone game for you. It is really excellent racing games. Bike Racing is a much obsessive game. You can play this game on any iPhone devices and tablet equally. This game has excellent controls so you can feel your device working as a mini play station.

MobileAppsGallery provide free iPhone application and you can also quickly download free iphone applications from our website. Do you know Girl bikers? How girl can ride the bikes? Do you ever seen the Girl Biker stunts? Want to play some extra ordinary game? In girl biker Stunt you have tap on next, previous & jump button if any obstacle coming in way while running. You have caught the diamonds and other obstacle which hanging in the air.

They will give you extra point & increase the score. We have included 10+ levels, on each level graphics will change & the runway of girl bike stunt becoming very tough so you have to be very careful on each next stage. I am sure your kids will love this game. This is the game for you, Graphics are so amazing and you can buy iphone source code with 25% discount now.

Features of the Bike Racing iPhone Game:

  • 10+ Multiple exiting levels
  • Girl Bikers very first time
  • you can also fire by tapping on fire button
  • Collect the diamonds and increase the score
  • your health progress is given
  • save your Girl bikers from gun shooter men.
  • Different Graphics with different obstacles on each levels
  • Game over when health is 0
  • you have save Girl bikers with obstacle coming in the way while running

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